Red Sangria



It’s Wednesday, which means we are half way through the week, which means it’s Hump Day today.  Let’s celebrate with a cocktail or even better Sangria! 

First, I have to say I made Sangria for the sake of this blog and not because I like to drink *hiccup*.  Okay maybe I like to drink a little bit.  Hey, if you had to take care of 14 kids a day and then your own kids at home along with a husband you would need a drink too.  😉

Anyhow, this Sangria is super easy to make and yes it is a creeper. 


Sangria Ing.



Red Sangria


1 cup of Simple Syrup (Equal parts water and suger boiled together)
1.5 Liters of Red Wine *I used Barefoot Cab
1 cup Light Rum
1/2 cup Triple Sec
1 cup Orange Juice
Green Apples


Mix all the liquids together into a pitcher or bowl and slice the fruits into thins slices and place in the pitcher with the Sangria.


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