Kindergarten Graduation


 Parrish and his teacher, Ms. Muller.

I am now a mother of a Kindergarten Graduate.  First, I can’t believe that this school year went as fast as it did.  Second, I can’t believe that I am a mother of a 6 year old.  Where has all the time gone?!?


 Parrish and his BFF, Jake.

I think that I got lucky this year with the class Parrish was put it for Kindergarten.  At first, I was worried because Ms. Muller was known as the “strict” teacher.  Well, turns out she was, but only when she needed to be.  I don’t blame her since I can somehow relate to how her days are.  Parrish loved being in her class!

I also had the honor of meeting some really great parents of Parrish’s friends in class.  They were all so nice and fun to hang out with in line in the morning and afternoons and of course all the birthday parties. 

I think I was more sad about the last day of school than Parrish was.

Why am I being so sentimental?  Well, Parrish will not be returning to that school for 1st grade.  We are moving to Missouri in August, but that will be expalined in a later post.

On the bright side, today is officially the first day of summer vacation.  Which means that I do not have to do much driving.  Driving back and forth to 3 different schools can be a little tiring.  It’s not friendly to my gas tank either. 

For the graduation party I volunteered to make goodie bags for the kids.  Naturally, being the way I am (a crafter), I couldn’t just make goodie bags.  I decided to make candy leis for all the kids and graduation cap cake pops.


The leis are extremely easy to make and just take a little time.  For the kids leis I used 9 pieces of candy.  For adult sized leis you would have to add a few more pieces of candy to make it longer.

Supplies Needed:

Cellophane clear or colored

Curling ribbon

Assorted candy



1) Cut about 2 to 3 feet of cellophane.

2) Fold the cellophane lengthwise into threes and cut.  This will make 3 leis.

3) Put pieces of candy, or a few small candies, about 1 to 2 inches apart down the full length of the plastic wrap. Leave about 3 inches on each end.

4) Fold the top half of the plastic wrap down over the row of candy, and fold the bottom half up, so that you’ve formed a long tube of candy.

5) Cut the curling ribbon in 2 to 3 inch pieces and tie around the end of each candy. 

6) Tie the ends together and curl the ends of the ribbon.

If you are a visual person and want to see how the leis are made here is a good how to video.



I wish that I could take credit for the creativity of the graduation cap cake pops, but I can’t and the credit goes to non other than the QUEEN of Cake Pops, Bakerella.

I made 24 of these little cute creations with the help of my sister Ariel.

For these cake pops, the cake was a boxed cake.  Usually when I make cake pops I make my cake and frosting from scratch, but I didn’t have enough time to make my own cake and frosting.  

Either way the cake pops taste delicious and if you are shaping them into balls they are extremely easy and fast to make.  These cake pops were a little more time consuming. 


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