Hallow-BLING Tablescape

I love October and I love Halloween! Know why I love Halloween? Because that is the beginning of the holiday season. Do you know what my favorite holiday of all is? MY BIRTHDAY, yup, my birthday. It is 4 days before Christmas, so why not?!?  It’s always nice to get double the presents, unless it’s a cheap skate then I only get one gift for both occasions. 

I made the following tablescape with the idea of glamming it up. I love the look of purple and black together and adding a little sparkle makes it a bit better.








Notice the name card holders?  I found the witches hat at Hobby Lobby and cut slits into them to place the name cards I made into.  Actually, I found most of everything on the table from Hobby Lobby, Michael’s and knick knacks from around the house.

P.S. I want to live in Hobby Lobby. 

My MIL, who is an awesome photographer, helped me with taking pictures.  Some of the pictures on here are hers, but I honestly can’t tell you which ones.  I have been asking her for tips on photography, so hopefully my pictures start to look better.

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