[Inspiration Board]: Fear the Beard Party

Here are two things you probably didn’t know about me:

1) There are only 2 sports that I like to watch and that is baseball and basketball.

2) The San Francisco Giants are my favorite baseball team.  Apparently, I ‘m not the only one fond of the Giants because the last few days all I see on Facebook  is everyone else’s “Giants” status updates as if noone else is watching the game. 🙂

If you are not a big baseball fan or maybe you live in a cave, than I should inform you that the Giants are kicking some major booty this season (Of course, it’s when we no longer live in CA).  Naturally, I was inspired  by the Giants and their beards to make a “party”.

Inspiration Board

Image Credits (Starting from the left going clockwise):

Napkins, CenterpiecesFavors, Beard on a Stick, Bacon Wrapped Hot Dogs, Homemade Crackerjacks, Garlic Fries


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