Cakepop Thank Yous


I have been on a cakepop making spree!  In the past week and a half I have made over 200 cake pops.  My son’s school had a fall festival and all the proceeds went to the 5th grade class, so I made “Hostess” cupcake pops and pumpkin pops to be sold at the bake sale.  From what I hear they were a huge hit!

His school also does a Staff Appreciation Day once and month and this month was my turn to contribute something to the staff.  What I decided to do was make cakepops, one apple shaped and one regular ball shaped, as a thank you.  For the tags I took business card paper and printed up my own thank you note on them.  I then took a regular hole punch and punched two holes on both the tops and the bottom and slipped the cakepops rights in.

What I love about cakepops aren’t that they are only good for bakesales, they make wonderful favors or in my case thank you gifts.  Just create some cute looking tags and you have a party favor.

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