Save the Dates

Saves the Dates, to me, is the first impression of any wedding.  I believe that if anyone is willing to put a lot of thought and creativity into their Save the Dates that they will do the same on their wedding day.  And don’t you just love going to weddings that are gorgeous and creative?  I know I do.

I have compiled a small list of some of my favorite Save the Dates that are all creatively made and too cute for words.


(image credit: martha stewart)

“Each pint was embellished with an illustration of Long Beach Island’s famed lighthouse and featured witty text descriptions of the couple. The “LBI Seaside Sundae” was made with “Blondie Bar and 6ft. 6in. of Brit-tle,” which hinted at Katie’s hair color and Colman’s height. A letterpressed disk with a magnet on the back popped out of the lid.”

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(image credit: style me pretty)

This was DIYed by the bride. Can you believe that she ironed all 165 handkerchiefs?!?

CLICK HERE to see how she made them.


(image credit: l'office optimiste)

Not only would this make a cute Save the Date, but it would also make a great invite for a kid’s party.


(image credit: better together events)

What better way to save the date than to “pencil it in”?


(image credit: martha stewart)

I love this idea!! Give your guests stickers to put on their calendars and planners, so they don’t forget the date.


(image credit: nanibird)

One word: UNIQUE!!

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