Advent Calender Countdown

The creative duo behind Anders Ruff  have created a unique advent calendar and it’s not your typical” pull open the door and get a cheap piece of candy” advent calendar.  It’s a cute, modern and “be creative” advent calendar plus you get to fill the cones with your own treats.

Go to Anders Ruff’s Etsy Shop to purchase the calendar at a low price.  It’s not too late it’s still 22 1/2 days until Christmas.  What’s even better is that you don’t have to wait for it to come in the mail, they will e-mail the download to you.  The cones were easy to download, print and assemble.




I hung our cones from branches that were used as a backdrop for the Christmas neighborhood and filled them with all different types of candies.  My original plan was to hang them from the Christmas tree but I figured the higher off the ground the better.  That is so my kids wouldn’t get into them when I wasn’t around.



This was the tree that I originally wanted to put the advent calendar on but I decided to just let the kids decorate the tree however they wanted to since it’s downstairs, where no one will see it.  The kids were so proud of their decorating and the ornaments that they made that it took all my will power not to decorate the top half of the tree.

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