StumbleUpon Sunday

Sorry this StumbleUpon Sunday is late.  I was out of town all weekend and then came home on Sunday to a sick chid.  It’s always so hard to have a child who isn’t feeling good.  Now my Monday consists of caring for my son which that alone helps him feel better.  

Anyhow, here is your StumbleUpon eye candy for the week.


5 minute chocolate cake–  Do you ever have a moment where you are craving something chocolatey?  I know I do!  This cake is perfect for a craving and it’s easy to make.  What’s easier than mixing everything in a mug and popping it in the mocrowave for a few minutes?!?



One Glass for Every Drink–  I just absolutely love the look and design of this glass.  This is my first time seeing an interchangeable glass and I must say it’s a great idea.  I’m sure I would use the “wine” glass more than any of the other ones.



Map Coasters–  These would make great favors for any wedding or party.  You can even use music sheets or pictures in place of the map. 



California Backyard Wedding–  I always see weddings and wish that I can have another wedding for myself.  This is one of those weddings that make me want to get married all over again.  Lately I have been obsessed over DIY and simple weddings.  I just love the laid back and easy going feel of it. 



Monogram Tile–  I need to learn how to use Photoshop!!  If I knew how to use it than I can create lovely gifts like this monogram tile. 

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