StumbleUpon Sunday

I love discovering new websites and blogs!  StumbleUpon is one of the ways I find new sites.  I am on StumbleUpon at least 3 times a day to find new sites to follow. 

Since I am always finding great new ideas from StumbleUpon I thought that I would share it with you.  I have found sites on crafting, parties, photography and food and each week you will see at least five of my new discoveries.

Anthropologie Inspired Wedding– This wedding is not only beautiful but also unique.  A great DIY wedding with creative details!

Anthropologie Wedding

image credit: green wedding shoes 


Typographic Gift Wrap–  I wish I would have discovered this before Christmas.  It does give me an idea for any gift I give.  


image credit: man made diy


Nutella Snack and Drink–  Does anyone know where I can find this?  I would love to try this.  I love Nutella with a passion!!  


image credit: zadan


Hot Chocolate on a Stick–  This makes a wonderful gift!  It can also be given out as favors at a Winter Wedding or Party.


image credit: giver's log


Creative Kids Photography–  Photographer Jason Lee took pictures of his children and made the images into unique pictures. 


image credit: jason lee

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