Cookies and Milk (Mustache) Favors


Both my children are Spring babies.  They are 729 days apart or 1 day less than 2 years apart.   And do you know the worst part about having a Spring birthday?  RAIN!! 

When I first started planning the kid’s party, it was supposed to be at a park.  I was very optimistic that the weather would cooperate with me.  Of course, it didn’t. 

I had plans of having a “Milk and Cookies” bar complete with assorted cookies, flavor straws, paper straws and “milk” mustaches.  Since mother nature decided it would storm the day of the party I switched the venue to Chuck E Cheese’s.  Which meant that a “Milk and Cookies” bar would not happen. 


I am not easily discouraged, so I still made my “Milk and Cookies” theme come alive. 

I made “milk” mustaches out of vanilla candy melts and stuck them on cellophane bags filled with homemade cookies.  Sounds simple, right?!?  Well, it is!

These make great and yummy party favors for any occassion.


vendor list:
mustache molds- amazon
round labels- paper source
candy melts, cellophane bags and lollipop sticks- michaels

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