Joplin Tornado Relief


If you have been watching the news then you already know that the city I live in, Joplin, was hit by a massive tornado on Sunday night.  My family and I are all safe and sound and somehow my house has also survived.  The edge of the tornado hit my street, but for some miraculous reason it missed my house.  Some of the neighbors unfortunately were not so lucky.

I’ve always watched disasters happen on TV, but actually living in the disaster is very surreal.  I couldn’t help but cry the morning after and see the destruction in daylight.

Not only were people displaced of their homes, but many have lost their jobs.  Many businesses were ripped apart by this massive tornado, including the hospital where my father-in-law works at.  The tornado pretty much hit the heart of our city.

It’s amazing the amount of people have reached out to help our city.  As soon as news of the tornado hit, there were people digging through the rubble to find others.  Donations of clothing, water, food and toiletries have been flooding in to help the people who lost their homes.  It’s times like this that make me realize how many good hearted individuals are out there.  Not to mention how dilligently Empire has been working to get power restored.  It’s just amazing!

For those who do not live in the area and are interested in donating please click on the Red Cross logo below to find ways to help, any little bit helps.



My office is providing free water and snacks to those who have been affected by this tragedy or are volunteering.  If you know anyone who has been affected or are helping the city out please send them to our office for water and snacks.

We are located at:

Express Employment Professionals

1710 E. 32nd Street Suite A

Joplin, MO 64804


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