Saturday Shopping Trip


Would you believe me if I told you I got all this for $4.63?  Well, you better believe me because I did indeed get everything you see pictured for less than $5.00!

Want to know how?  I know you have to be just a bit curious on how I did it, don’t lie.

I went to 2 different stores to get these items, but it was worth the money I saved.

My first shopping trip was at Pricecutter and in their ad they are having a 10/$10 sale.  My Pricecutter doubles coupons up to and including $.50.

Here is the Pricecutter breakdown:

The Kool-Aid packets were on sale for 5/$1 and I had a *coupon for -$.50/5.  The coupon was doubled to a $1, so I got the 5 packets for free.  I bought 10 since I had 2 coupons.

*If you like Kool-Aid on Facebook and enter their sweepstakes you get the -$.50/5 coupon.

Tabasco hotsauce is on sale for $1.00 each. With the coupon for -$.50, which doubled to $1.00, so the Tabasco sauce was free. I had 4 coupons, so I bought 4 bottles.

French’s Worcestershire is on sale for $1.00.  With the coupon for -$.50, it doubled to $1.00, so the worcestershire is free

Unfortunately, my Pricecutter was out of the worcestershire that was on sale, but since the coupon was on ANY French’s Worcestershire I bought the last 2 of the “extra tenderizing” worcestershire sauce that cost $1.05.  I had 2 coupons and I got each bottle for $.05.  I still have 2 more of these coupons I need to use.

Dawn dishwashing soap is on sale for $1.00.  With the $.25 coupon (P&G), it doubled to $.50.  Each bottle is $.50.  I had only 3 coupons, but I bought 4 because it was such a great deal.  I had to pay full price for one…ugh!

My total shopping trip at Pricecutter for 20 items cost me $2.80.

My next stop was May’s Drug Warehouse. I only went there for one thing and one thing only, Tylenol Precise Pain Reliever. For the last few weeks I have been itching to use these coupons.  Walgreens has a sale where I can get it for free, but they have been sold out for the last 3 weeks.  This week May’s has it on sale:


Sale Price: $5.49

Coupon for -$5.00

Final Price: $.49

I had 2 coupons for this item so my shopping trip to May’s for 2 items was: $1.83.

I love shopping trips like the one I had today!  These are items that will definitely get used in my house, so getting them for free or for less than $.50 a piece makes me happy.

Couponing tip:  You can print 2 of the same coupons per computer, so I use my laptop and my desktop to get 2 of each coupon which in total gives me 4 of each.

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