Fall Pumpkins

Is anyone as excited as I am for Fall? Fall has got to be my favorite season and then Winter. I am just not a hot weathered kind of gal.  Summer here in Joplin has been too hot for me.  One cool thing about living here is actually having “seasons”.  The leaves change color here and it truly feels like Autumn.  I can’t wait!  Don’t get me wrong, I’d take a California Summer any day!

With Fall comes pumpkins, so here are some cool “out of the box” ideas for your Fall pumpkins.  My favorite are the fanged pumpkins, oh and the painted ones, oh and the lace one…actually all of them are my favorite.  I just love them all!

(image sources: mini pumpkins, candy corn pumpkins)
(image source)
(image sources: lace pumpkins, painted pumpkins)

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