[10 Ways]: Crescent Rolls

I love crescent rolls!  There is just something about the buttery and flaky roll that makes me drool.

Honestly, I wish I was talented enough to make crescent rolls from scratch, but I was not granted with such talent.  Thankfully, there are canned versions I can buy that save me time and money.

It’s so great that crescent rolls are so versatile (shhh..they can be used for more than just pigs in a blanket).


Sopapilla Cheesecake– What a great twist on a Spanish dessert!  Crescent rolls filled with cream cheese and topped with cinnamon and sugar.



Crescent Caramel Sticky Rolls–  Caramel and pecans make such a great combination.  The picture itself makes me swoon.



Carrot Crescents–  I absolutely love this idea!  It is filled with egg salad, but chicken salad would be fantastic as well.  This is definitely on my “to bake” list.  Such a creative way to get your kids to eat.



Cheese Danish–  Cheese danishes are one of my favorite breakfast foods, right after cake.  This is such and easy way to make your own cheese danish.  It’s a must try.



Chicken Parmesan Crescents–  Chicken tenders, mozzarella and spaghetti sauced wrapped in a crescent roll….GENIUS!!!



Chicken Pillows–  Three words: chicken, cream cheese and gravy! 



Cinnamon Crescent Rolls–  I cannot walk pass a Cinnabon without stopping and drooling maybe with this recipe maybe I can get my Cinnabon fix.



French Dip Crescent Rolls–  This right here, is a man’s meal (or woman’s), my hubby would love this.  I bet this would just melt in your mouth.



Pepper Jelly Danish–  My manager is the first  person to introduce me to jalapeno jelly and cream cheese dip and I loved it!   But wrapped in a crescent roll just makes it that much better.  This would make great appetizers.



Sausage Pinwheels–  My husband’s Aunt Dawna makes an awesome version of these sausage pinwheels.  She brought them to the Dodson Christmas Eve Dinner and I think my husband ate half if not most of the sausage pinwheels that she brought.  That should tell you how good they were.

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