You can find me at the beach…

…well, not anymore, but I was there last week and it was fantastic.  Domesticated Daddy and I spent a relaxing 4 days and 3 nights at the gorgeous Live Aqua in Cancun.  I do have to thank the FANTABULOUS company I work  for for the trip.  DD (Domesticated Daddy) and I got to indulge in lots of food and drinks (the perks of an all inclusive resort).  Not only was the food good, but the customer service was impeccable.  Anything you asked for they would do their best to accommodate you.  Oh and I forgot to mention that there is a mall right across the street.

I didn’t take as many pictures as I should have, but I do have some pictures I want to share.


The beautiful view from our balcony.
Another wonderful view (this was considered a Garden View).
Our first beers in Mexico.
The backside of our resort.
This was our view for most of our trip.
Rolls Royce Phantoms
My Ferris Bueller impersonation.
DD and I at the Fireshow.
This is the only non-blurry picture I got of the Fireshow.  Not too long after the show started it began to rain.

Overall the trip was fantastic.  The only set back we had was on our flight back home.  At first it was 3 hours delayed and then they ended up cancelling our flight.  We were stuck in Houston for the night, but we got up the next morning and got on our flight back home.  That was the first time that I have ever had a flight cancelled on me and it definitely was not a great experience.  Oh well, it is what it is.

If you ever decide to visit Cancun I highly recommend staying at Live Aqua.  I can honestly say there is not one thing about the resort that I can complain about.

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