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I may have found myself something new to be addicted to and no, it’s not drugs or alcohol, it’s book wreath making.  I realize that being addicted to making wreaths out of books is better than being addicted to crack cocaine, so it’s not a bad addiction.  And I am not in need of an intervention quite yet, although I did make 2 wreaths within 3 days.  But don’t worry I can quit anytime that I want.

The idea of these wreaths are so simple.  It’s basically a foam wreath, glue, staples and and old book.  The worst part about this project was tearing out the book pages.  I find it a bit sacrilegious to rip pages out of a book, but if something cute comes out of the pages being torn then I am willing to sacrifice the book (as long as it’s some old book I’ve never heard of that I got from the thrift store for $.99).

Book Wreath 2

The first wreath I made was for a dear friend, Alyssa, for her birthday and I was so excited when I finished it that I ended up giving it to her today, which is a week before her birthday.  I couldn’t help it.  Honestly, if it wasn’t for her I wouldn’t have thought to make such a thing.  So you can thank her for this post.

WreathThis is the first wreath I made which was for Alyssa for her birthday.

After making her wreath I immediately started on making a wreath to hang on my empty staircase wall.  The one I made for my wall was twice as big as the one I made for Alyssa, it measured 24 inches in diameter.  With this wreath is that I had to use a wire wreath instead of a foam one.  I found this to be a bit more difficult, but I managed.  The outcome was exactly what I wanted it to be.

Book Wreath


Book Wreath Tutorial by: 9th and Mayne

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